what-is-metabolismIn our bodies, millions of chemical reactions account for the continuity and functioning of our body system. All of these responses are collectively known as ‘’Metabolism’’. The metabolic reactions taking place in the bodies of human beings are very important. These occur in the cells of the living and include processes such as digestion, respiration, etc.


Metabolism has two types. Both these are based on the types of reactions that occur. Every reaction does one of the two jobs:

Either the reaction is a breaking one or either it is a synthesizing one.

CATABOLISM: Or the breaking process.

In this process, the molecules are broken down for the purpose of obtaining energy to be used.

ANABOLISM: The building process.

In this type of metabolism, the molecules or compounds that are needed by the cells to carry out different functions are made or synthesized.


It is commonly heard and said that the energy one needs to do different work comes from the food. But the question arises, how? How does the food give us energy and what happens when we eat something inside us, which accounts for the release of energy. The nutrients in the food we eat are known essential for the maintenance and working of the body. If there’s no energy, physically nothing can be done.


As it is clear from the two types of metabolism, it plays a huge role in the balancing of the body. The building of the tissues and the storages of energy, and afterwards the breaking and release of energy both are the ways how metabolism helps in ‘’balancing’’.


People usually complain that they although do not consume much, but still tend to gain a lot of weight due to their slow metabolism. So from this, the query is, how are metabolism and weight related?

So those who gain weight and blame metabolism for it should know, that metabolism might not be the only reason for their increase in weight. One might have some diseases which can be why they are suffering. But, metabolism does play a vital role. For instance: if one takes in or consumes more energy than it is utilizing, then he or she is likely to gain weight. In simple words, exercise is the best example. If a person is eating more and not doing any exertion, the same happens.


Boosting your metabolism is extremely essential for a healthy lifestyle. As metabolism has a link with age too, i.e., your metabolism becomes slow with age. So it is important you know some ways to boost your metabolism.

Given below are some ways which can help you or any of your close one to boost their metabolism.

Eat as much as your body needs. Not less, not more. Do not stop exercising; the walk is very essential. Drink lots of water, Take in a lot of proteins as proteins are what make your muscles and if you want to stay physically fit, you need to maintain your metabolism so for that, consume foods which are rich in proteins.

Calcium deficiency is something which very common in woman, resulting in osteoporosis usually, i.e., weakening of bones. Calcium also slows down metabolism so drink milk to avoid such conditions.

Once your metabolism is all set, life would be easier.

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