Your privacy as our website subscriber/visitor is important to us. We are guided by a few basic ethical principles, these are:

· We never ask you for any of your personal information unless it is highly relevant to us, and we are in real need of it. Private and sensitive matters such as your sexuality or level of income are, however, complete no-go zones.

· Your personal information is exclusive and shall not be shared with anyone. The only time we may share your private information is when there’s need for us to safeguard your rights, develop products or in compliance with certain laws.

· We hardly ever store any of your personal information on our website, this includes phone numbers, Physical, and email addresses.

· We value confidentiality, and for this reason, anything discussed on our website stays here.

The following is our policy statement that seeks to provide relevant information about the different forms of personal information that is collected by us and eventually how we use this private information on our website.

Web visitors

Visitors on the site are guaranteed a high level of confidentiality. We are bound by our numerous non-disclosure policies, and for that reason, will not reveal any private information regarding you to the general public unless under very strict circumstances.

Collection of personal information

We may gather and use different kinds of personal information from you that include:

· Information regarding your general use of this website including your personal interests, profile, and hobbies.

· Information that you use when logging into this website that may include your social media profiles, email address or telephone number.

· Information regarding any transaction that you undertake within this website.

· Any relevant information used while subscribing to this website such as phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles and profiles, and IPO addresses, and

· Any other information that you may send directly to our website.

Using personal information

We may decide if we deem it fit, to use your personal information to:

· Send you products you may have purchased or subscribed to;

· Supply you with a given purchased service;

· Send statement and invoices to you;

· Collect our dues or payments where relevant;

· Communicate to you any relevant information to be relayed;

· Grant you undenied access to services on our website;

· Help in administering the website;

· Make suitable changes to the website for you and other visitors or subscribers

Securing data

We will undertake to ensure relevant precautions are in place to prevent the misuse, loss, or making changes to your personal information.

We will equally ensure the secure safeguard of your personal information.

Cookies and advertisements

We employ the use of cookies to single out visitors on this site, and subsequently track them using their login devices. Our visitors who don’t fancy having these cookie trailing them can set their computers to default to cancel this tool. Advertisement networks may also have their adverts on this website as long as they do so in line with this privacy policy.

Data transfers

Any personal information that you submit freely to us for the purpose of being published on this website will subsequently be available all over the internet in various parts of the world. This cross-border transfer of information, however, will only be publishable by this privacy policy.

Updating of private policy statement

This privacy policy statement is liable to change at our command. Feel free to visit this page occasionally to familiarize yourself with the relevant changes.

Other websites

As a website, we may contain links to other related websites. We, however, absolves ourselves of the responsibility of a third party executing this part of the public policy.

Contact Us

If you feel you have any questions regarding our use of your personal information, or you seek some clarification regarding this policy; you can contact us