What Is LTB4 Molecule?

ltb4-reviewHave you heard of the LTB4 molecule?  Don’t be surprised if you haven’t but it could be a revolutionary discovery on the way to preventing type two diabetes.  A lot of articles have been written on the molecule recently.  Let’s take a look at this molecule and why it is so important.


First, we need a little bit of backstory for those that join us who don’t know that much about weight related diseases.  As you start to gain weight your body becomes larger and larger.  Your body also stops processing insulin in an effective way.  This lack of insulin production leads to type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is when your body does not get enough insulin.  The lack of insulin or insulin resistance leads to issues with blood pressure along with a number of other serious side effects.  Those who have type 2 diabetes can find it really hard to lose the weight they need in order to start feeling better.

If you are looking for treatment for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, I strongly recommend that you read our article “big diabetes lie“.

What is it about LTB4 Molecule?

Scientists have long taken it for granted that obesity causes inflammation which causes type 2 diabetes.  It hasn’t been known why inflammation causes type 2 diabetes, though.  It has been a mystery.

LTB4 is an inflammatory molecule in the body that was recently discovered to trigger insulin resistance.  This resistance could be one of the main reasons that diabetes is caused in those that are overweight or inflamed.

You may be wondering how LTB4 is released.  When you have excess fat on your body it triggers the production of macrophages.  These macrophages, in turn, produce LBT4.  If that were the end of it, there probably wouldn’t be a problem.  The problem is that LBT4, in turn, produces more macrophages.  This creates a chain of LTB4 production that can go on unless stopped.

This continuous production is dangerous for those that suffer from diabetes because the number of LBT4 doesn’t just remain steady, it starts to grow.  Along with a higher LTB4 count comes a higher insulin resistance which leads to the diabetes getting worse.

What you can take from this is that diabetes will get worse and worse the longer that the LTB4 molecule is allowed to be produced.

Where is The Research?

Research into the link between LTB4 and type 2 diabetes is still ongoing.  Currently, the discoveries in regards to LTB4 have only been tested on mice.  In lab mice it was found that blocking LTB4 receptors helped to increase the sensitivity to insulin and as such their metabolic health went up.  The same results were found when lab mice were genetically engineered without the LTB4 receptors.

In any research, the first step is to test on animals so that no humans are harmed during the testing.  Mice are relatively similar to humans when it comes to how their bodies work.  In the not too far future we, the human race, should be able to start human testing with blocking the LTB4 molecule.

Significance of The Study

Not only is this study significant because we now know what we can do to help eliminate type 2 diabetes, it gives us more.  We are now better able to understand the cause of type 2 diabetes and why it is so hard to combat.

The start of any scientific endeavor is knowing the cause of the problem.  Without this, you don’t know where to start or how to start.

As a side note, it is important to remember that the LBT4 molecule blocker will work to stop the diabetes.  What it will not do is stop obesity.  Lab mice were still obese after the test.  What it does give the mice (and potentially people) is the ability to be healthier and start on the process of losing weight.

A better understanding of type two diabetes will help the world.  The ever growing problem with obesity has led to more and more patients with type two diabetes.  Now we can help give those who want to make the change, the chance.  Stay tuned because in the near future there may be that little helper you need to power up your health.  Let us know what you think of this science in the comments down below.

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