Diabetes Types , Different Types of Diabetes

Different Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which the body is either not producing enough insulin or that the insulin produced in not utilized well by the body. It is important to note that insulin is a hormone that is useful in controlling the sugar or glucose level in the blood. In this case, when one develops this awful condition, the blood sugar level rises beyond that is normal and the blood vessels, nerves and organs may be damaged.

As a matter of fact, diabetes has remained a deadly and threatening disease and has claimed several lives. Fortunately, there are several promising plans and programs that can be adopted by the sufferers to aid in reducing or ending the same condition.

What are the different types?

different-types-of-diabetesBasically, there are three types of diabetes that have so far been discovered by the scientists. Perhaps most of the people are not aware of the types since most of the people generalize the condition since it is only related to blood sugar level. However, we should not be ignorant about the different types, their causes and the symptoms. The three types include:

1. Type 1 diabetes

This is an autoimmune disease that is commonly found among the children. It is a condition in which the beta cells of the pancreas are unable to produce enough insulin or whereby there is no insulin produced at all by the same organ. As a result of this condition, the sugar level of the blood rises beyond the normal since it is not utilized by the body to release energy.

If you are suffering from the same condition or perhaps your child has developed the same, there is a treatment or solution for the same. In this case, you can try the recommended healthy diet plans or programs and surely, it will save the situation. In addition, scientists have also recommended some of the effective ways of dealing with the condition that include insulin therapy or injection.

Remember, if the body is in a condition that is not able to produce the required amounts of insulin or none at all, the problem can be corrected by adopting the right meal planning with perhaps might have been missing for the patient. While doing that, insulin therapy can be used to bring about short term solution while the patient undergoes the right diet plan and surely, situation will automatically change for good.

Perhaps you are not aware of how to notice that the person is suffering from the same disease. In this case, you should always be knowledgeable so that you can take control earlier if the same happens your way. Therefore, some of the symptoms and signs that results from this condition include frequent urination and excessive hunger among others.

2. Type 2 diabetes

This type of diabetes is common in adults than in children. In addition, the disease is common among the overweigh or people with obesity. The disease is also called insulin insensitivity. The reason why it is called the insulin insensitivity is because, the body does not properly use the insulin that is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas. In this case, therefore, instead of sugar being used to produce energy that is needed by the normal body functioning, it builds up in the blood causing this condition.

If you have suffered from this condition or perhaps you have begun to notice the signs, you should be worried to take on the precautionary measures to combat the same. Type 2 diabetes can also be managed by having the right meal plan or diet. The other methods that have been proven effective in reversing the same condition is through having physical exercises to get rid of the excess fat build-up in your body. The same can also be reversed by having insulin medication.

3. Gestational diabetes

Perhaps it is your first time coming across this third type. Gestational diabetes affects only women who are in their second trimester of pregnancy. Though this conditional is not common for all women, it has been found that, it affects only four percent of women who are pregnant. The good thing is that, this type is temporary and thus disappears when the baby is born.


In summary, if you have any of the above types of diabetes, it’s important for you to take the remedial measures that have been recommended by scientists so as to reverse your body’s condition n to normal functioning.

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