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Diabets Treatment – 7 Steps to Health Book

So many people are suffering from diabetes in this world. Diabetes is the disease which can be caused by taking poor diet, lack of exercise and by eating more sugar food. There are numbers of ways to get treatment of diabetes, such as natural ways, home remedies or insulin injection treatment. Insulin medication is one of the best ways to treat diabetes. If you ignore this disease, then you will face more diseases like kidney disease, blindness, joint problems or some other and also it may because of death, So we should take the following big diabetes lie , diabetes treatment.

First of all, you should control your weight if you gain too much weight because overweight also causes of diabetes, For this doing exercise, yoga, and monitoring on diet and avoiding junk foods. We should control blood sugar level and it can be easily controlled by taking healthy diet, or the best way to control blood sugar level is taking insulin injection.

Stress and lack of sleep are also the cause of diabetes, and we need to sleep proper time because a lack of sleep give us stress and we need to take care of all these things. One other important thing is that drinking water help a lot to control blood sugar level, and it cleans our blood. Most of the childs are suffering from diabetes, and this is the cause of genetics or hormones problem.

How to Treat Diabetes?

As I discuss above that diabetes can be treated with many ways and now I will discuss below that how can we treat diabetes.

One of the important means to treat diabetes is taking healthy diet, by eating more proteins and we can make these proteins in nuts, lean meats, fish and other like these foods. It helps to control diabetes.
Regular exercises 40 minutes a day hep a lot to reduce sugar level in the body. This exercise will help a lot to lose weight and control blood sugar level.
It can be reduced by intake sugar and eating carbohydrate.
We need to drink much more water, healthy juice but avoid milk, alcohol, and other non-alcoholic beverages.
Taking insulin injection every day also help a lot to control blood sugar level and it is one of the most important ways to treat diabetes.

When you found any symptoms of diabetes, you should consult your doctor which will confirm that what type of diabetes you have and what treatment you need.

This is crucial to get treatment of diabetes and don’t ignore this disease if you have. I tried my best to share my knowledge with you, and I hope it might be helpful for you.


What is the Big Diabetes Lie in Max Sidorov’s Book?

what is the big diabetes lie in max sidorov's book

What is the Big Diabetes Lie in Max Sidorov’s Book? Who Can Use the 7 Steps to Health and the Diabeted Lie?

The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie by Max Sidorov and the International Council for Truth in Medicine (ICTM) is a miracle book that several people swear by. The book involves a well-researched module that maintains that it’s possible for you to get rid of diabetes type2 as well as bring type1 diabetes under control by natural means. The 7 Steps to Health is based on a 30-day plan that’s divided into seven easy-to-follow steps that use a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits to help you keep your body healthy.

Since its launch, the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie has helped over 17,000 type2 diabetes patients get rid of diabetes completely from their system. Several other type1 diabetes patients have learned how to control their ailment, and thousands of others continue to live healthy lifestyles by eating balanced diets thanks to this program. So who exactly can use these 7 Steps to Health?

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Type2 diabetes patients

Pharmaceutical medications and other diabetes prescribed drugs do not get rid of diabetes from your system completely. Most type 2 diabetes patients have long resigned to their fate of living under diabetes medication since type2 diabetes conventionally has no cure. These drugs, however, come with their burden of side-effects such as heart, lung, and kidney failure, nausea and a weakened immune system. The 7 Steps to Health has come with the good news of a permanent solution to type 2 diabetes. By following a strict dietary plan, you are now able to eliminate type2 diabetes from your system using natural means in just 30 days. So far, over 17,000 type2 diabetes patients have benefited from this program.

Type1 diabetes patients

Having to inject insulin into your body daily for all your life is not something that you can be comfortable with. Most type1 diabetes patients get weighed down by this scary daily routine to the point that some of them resign and lose the will to live. Sadly enough, most of these patients are relatively young people with their whole lives ahead of them. Although the 7 Steps to Health don’t suggest any permanent remedy for type1 diabetes, the program offers various tips on how to keep the disease under control by using natural organic means that normalize your blood sugar levels as well as increase your body’s immunity and improve metabolism.

Patients with cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other ailments

The 7 Steps to Health is not just a diabetes guide; the book promotes a revolutionary diet program that is crucial in both preventing and controlling other body malfunctions such as hormonal imbalances, headaches, kidney problems, cancer, and immune deficiency. The program, through simple steps, shows you how to test your body pH and thereafter, maintain it at an ideal level. Generally, a diet rich in vegetables, fresh fruits, and fiber is encouraged as opposed to processed foods, this eventually causes you to maintain a healthy body and high immune system to keep diseases away.

Do you want to eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle?

This book is the ultimate guide for you if you wish to live an improved, and healthy lifestyle. This program will teach you how to eat healthy and reduce your body cholesterol, therefore, maintaining a healthy body that’s free from disease. For instance, the program discourages the consumption of artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas and other “diet” labeled products. Foods and dishes with plenty of meat and beverages containing caffeine are also shunned upon by the program. These “unhealthy foods” notes Dr. Sidorov, cause an increase in body cholesterol which is the cause of many lifestyle diseases including, cancers, hypertension, and cardiovascular ailments.

The 7 steps to health are generally recommended for people of all ages, whether male or female. The program is not just vital for those who wish to eliminate type2 diabetes from their system, but also for those with type1 diabetes who’d like to reduce their insulin intake and control the disease through natural means. The 7 Steps to Health uses tips on natural products incorporated in the diet to reduce cholesterol levels and increase immunity so as to help kidney disease, hypertension, cancer, depression, and patients with other ailments to stay healthy. Essentially, the 7 Steps to Health are highly recommended for anybody who wishes to stay healthy and live a fulfilled life.

7 Steps To Health Review

7 steps to health review

7 steps to healt will provide a change how to do it. Welcome to my review of the results of my detailed research. You take a moment and imagine yourself living a diabetes-free life. You’d no longer have to live hooked on diabetes pills, constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels, injecting yourself with insulin, and you would save a lot of money that would be otherwise spent on these different medications. Living a life free from diabetes is no longer a far-fetched dream, the International Council for Truth in Medicine(ICTM) has come up with the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program which helps eradicate the disease in a few simple steps in your daily routine. Diabetes is no longer fatal; let’s have a look at how this has been made possible.

7 Steps To Health Program What is it?

The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program is a book that will help you get rid of diabetes in seven simple steps over a brief 30-day period. The book pushes the belief that there are natural ways to treat diabetes type 2 completely, and it disregards the use of insulin and other prescription drugs in controlling the same. It is a program created for people of all ages and gender in very simple terms that enable you to grasp diabetes better, including what causes it, how you can prevent it, and how to get cured of the disease. Through the book, you will get to learn how your daily choices on nutrition and other related lifestyle choices affect your overall health. Since its launch, the program has helped about 17,000 diabetes type2 patients from over 40 countries in the world to get rid of the disease.

what is the 7 steps to health

Who is the author of 7 Steps To Health?

This book is written by Dr. Max Sidorov with the help of intensified research from the International Council for Truth in Medicine(ICTM) in which Sidorov is the lead researcher. Members of ICTM are Dr. Shust, Dr. Valk, Dr. Meto, Dr. Sakorikova and Dr. Sidorov. Dr. Sidorov is a nutritionist and experienced researcher who specialises in diabetes and related issues of insulin and blood sugar. This great doctor and his ICTM team, apart from creating the genius 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program, are also famous for their crusade against diabetes drug manufacturers and pharmaceuticals all over the world. They have been known to claim that diabetes medication companies and their associates have hidden the truth of there being a natural remedy for diabetes, so as to continue to boost the diabetes drug manufacturing industry. These facts are yet to be fully supported, though.

This is how the “7 steps to health” work

How to feed in 7 steps to health


Dr. Sidorov guarantees that you can beat diabetes from your system provided you follow all the guidelines as specified in the book. These steps are broken down into the simple daily regimen that you follow over a period of 30 days. The leading cause of diabetes being an inflammation of the body system that causes resistance to insulin, causing blood sugar levels to increase, the book is in agreement that maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar in the body is the only sure way to beat diabetes. The program teaches you to distinguish between necessary and unnecessary calories and how you can maintain a healthy body weight. You also learn important details on how to eat a rich, balanced diet and the ways you can avoid a poor diet to keep your body’s immunity high. Overall, the program seeks to guide you into strengthening your immune system and boosting your body’s ph by eating right and exercising regularly.

How can you benefit from this program

There’s a lot you can gain from this program. When you’ve gone through the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie, you are almost sure to receive the following benefits:

· Useful tips that will help you better identify spices used every day in the kitchen that contribute to increasing your body’s glucose metabolism in twice its usual amount.

· How to be in a position to distinguish between healthy fats such as Omega 3 and 6 and the unhealthy ones such as saturated fats.

· Useful information on nutrition that has helped countries such a Norway to eradicate around 18,000 cases of type2 diabetes since the launch of this program.

· A list of appropriate foods that help to treat diabetes and its related complications better than the Metformin drug.

· Information that gives details on some commonly used sweeteners that have been known to shrink the thymus gland as well as enlarge the liver and kidneys.

· Bonus e-books including the Secrets of Antioxidants, Dangers of Microwave Radiation at Home, Amazing Health from Water, and the Miracle of Sleep.

Advantages of the “7 steps to health” program

· This program is based on purely natural means that have no side effects as opposed to the insulin and diabetes pills that clog the system and eventually damage your body’s vital organs.

· All the steps and health tips available in this book have been thoroughly researched and tested, and for that reason, you can be sure to trust that the program is viable and safe to try out.

· The book, besides the healing tips towards curing diabetes, also acts as a vital tool of encouragement, giving hope to a large number of diabetes patients all over the world.

· The book is quickly accessible as you can find it in digital format. Also, information in the book is put across in a straightforward and understandable manner, full of colored pictures and illustrations which make it very easy to read and understand.

· The book has a 60-day refund policy. What this means essentially is that, if you are dissatisfied with how the product works, then you are entitled to a refund. You can get your money back by just sending an email detailing your grievances to the author.

Disadvantages of the program

· This book dictates you to change your diet and lifestyle if you are to succeed at eliminating diabetes from your system. Eating plenty of meat and sugary food is discouraged in this program, and a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is encouraged. This change in your diet may set you back as you try to fight diabetes through this course.

· There are various conspiracy theories suggested by Dr. Sidorov and his ICTM colleagues concerning the deception behind diabetes drug manufacturing companies which are yet to be proven.

· Some opinions in the book such as those that discourage the consumption of coffee, meat, and alcohol are still debatable.

· The book isn’t widely accessible since it’s only available online; therefore, a good number of people with no internet connection aren’t able to access it.


This book is highly recommended for type1 diabetes patients, to help them find a natural way to contain the disease since it is harder to treat adequately, and those with type2 diabetes who seek a more permanent solution to eliminate diabetes from their system.

The course is relevant to people of all ages and gender. It is well detailed in a manner that is clear, simple to understand, and quite easy to implement which also makes it highly recommended for the eradication of diabetes.


Although the book offers many tips and health information to help you choose the right diet and make the most appropriate lifestyle choices regarding your health, what determines your success is how you use this information. Diabetes is no longer a death sentence. Thanks to the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie, you can get the book today, start following the simple steps and embark on your journey towards a life free from diabetes.

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The Diabetes Detox Review – Diabet Mellitus

The Diabetes Detox Review

What is Diabetes Detox Review? Diabet mellitus Is it real or scam product ?.Is this program a real solution of diabetes ?.People are searching a real product for diabetes and a real cure.We are explaining and giving information about to type-2 diabetes in this article.Diabetes is harmful illness and if you has a diabetes type-2, you need to get rid of it,  but what is the real cure ?. Experts have created this program for diabetes illnesses and this program takes your time just  6-weeks.You are going to learn a lot of methods. Besides, you are going to learn a lot of solution for this illness.You are going to need to know that surgery or drugs etc. can be dangerous for diabetes type -2 cure ?.You may hear a lot of wrong information about the treatment of diabetes type-2.So, you need to inspect Diabetes Detox Review and you need to think about it. What is the big diabetel lie?


This program includes 6-week program and each week is different. Let’s inspect together all of it.

1 )First Week : We are going to add fructose your dietary in this week.

2 )Second Week: We are going  to add right and healthy carbohydrates to every meal

3 )Third Week: We are going to use healthy foods so we are going to increase our energy because of that our stubborn fat are going to burn rapidly.

4 )Fourth Week: Destroy  all fructose from your meal

5 )Fifth Week: You are going to get rid of unhealthy foods which damage to your body.

6 )Sixth Week: You are going to realize your body form and you can show to your doctor what is happening to you.

You are going to take control of your body during these 6-week and you are going to feel health in you.

This program designed for your diabetes and you are going to burn all fat in your body.You should just follow all instructions properly.If you keep following instructions regularly, you are going to get your dream and your shaped body.Besides, you must focus on your dream.After you start to this program, you are not going to suffer and feel tiring.Actually, you are going to feel more energetic because of your body is going to start to burst stored fat deeply.With delicious and healthy meals, you are going to diminish your sugar level in your blood.Do you really like to eat chocolates, sugar etc.  ?. So, you should be more patient and you need to focus your program.

Guidebook of The  6-Week Diabetes Detox Review:

-> You are going to diminish  your diabetes  because of  Fully 6-Week Diabetes Detox  Program

You are going to take control of your diabetes level.This guidebook is the really effective remedy.So, you can go to your doctor 6-week later and you can hear all results from your doctor.

-> You are going to get a treatment  from your kitchen:

You are paying a lot of dollars to drugs.But it is not a good choice for you.You are going to save your money.You shouldn’t pay a lot of money for diabetes drugs.You are going to learn meals which consist of healthy nutrients.There is no any side effect, stubborn fat etc. against your health.

-> You can be under at risk type 3 diabetes:

There are a lot of searches showed us that there is a strong connection between type 3 diabetes and Alzheimer illness.Type 3 diabetes may affect blood sugar level and your blood sugar level can fluctuate badly.So you need to be more careful about this problem.

-> You are going to learn healthy foods for meal routine:

You are going to learn sufficient food that this routine is going to helps to find a balance your sugar blood of you and your family.

Who Can Use This Program ?.

If you are suffering from type 1 diabetes, you needn’t use this program.This is not a remedy for type 1 diabetes.After you born, you may have type 1 diabetes nearly %10.If you effectively apply this program to yourself, this program is going to keep under the control of your blood sugar effectively.If you are looking magic cures or surprising results in shortest time, you certainly shouldn’t this program.

What Is The Price Of This Program ?.

You will buy Diabetes Detox Review  $37.This program includes every component about drugs, medications or doctor advice etc.This program is very easy and effective.This program is going to bring you variety healthy sides.You are going to gain your health and you are going to get rid of Diabetes forever.

This program is guaranteed your money within 60-day.You can give this program back if you don’t get anything from it.

Creators who created this program that they are staying behind this program and they are giving a confidence to the customers.There is no wrong side and no lie within this guide.You should just try  Diabetes Detox Review and see what are you going to get after it.We created this program limited so when this part finished, program’s price is going to increase systematically so you need to be hurry if you want to get it.


  • The Detox-Diet Cook Book
  • Low-Carb Diabetes Cook Book


We inspected Diabetes Detox Review today and we tried to give a valuable information about it.Believe me, you are going to get rid of diabetes day-by-day.After 6-weeks finished, you are going to feel amazing.6-Week Detox plan is going to affect you. Diabetes Detox Pdf is designed for you and it includes precious information.You shouldn’t pay a lot of money for drugs.Your blood sugar is going to be balanced quickly and you going to change your life.Life is precious and healthy is a big factor for life.So, Don’t forget.

The Low Carb High Fat Diabetes Diet Review

Low Carb High Fat Diabetes Diet ReviewWhat is the Low Carb High Fat Diabetes Diet Review ?.Is it real  or scam product ?.Is it a really effective remedy for diabetes ?.We are going to inspect Low Carb Fat Diabetes Diet Review today.Diabetes very common disorder among us and we should specifically fight against it.This product leads you how to be healthier with this diet.You are going to learn that while you are eating, you won’t gain a weight and increase a weight loss and you are going to keep balance your sugar blood.This product is completely digital because of this you can access it from everywhere easily.

If you are suffering diabetes and if you want to get a healthy body with weight loss, you need to keep reading.


There are a lot of people suffering from stubborn fat in their body and always want a get rid of it immediately.But lose weight can be hard for some peoples.There is  a lot body resisting a diet and a lot of people giving up a lot of foods that their’s favorite meals.

With stress and depression, you are damaging your body structure and hormones and you are putting yourself at risk of diabetes.There are a lot of variety harmful conclusions, too.

There are a deep connection between diabetes and obesity.These disorders are very similar and they are guiding same problems in the body.You shouldn’t do extreme diet programs because of they can’t work on you properly.Actually, other programs affect just glucose.Besides, we are providing you Ultimate Diabetes Control on a Low Carb High Fat Diet for getting rid of easy diabetes and other problems.

This product directly focuses decreases the carbohydrates every day.And with low-stress level, it affects your digestive system.

If you are wondering what are you going to learn after you buy this program, let’s look at it.

-It is going to help you to improve your energy level

-It is going to help you to stop to snack extreme

-It is going to help you to eat smaller appetites daily and enough

-It is going to help you to quick and healthy weight loss

-It is going to help you increase blood sugar stage

-It is going to help you to feel relax

-It is going to help you to effective and good sleep

And much more thing in this product.If you are suffering from diabetes, you must be under control of any doctor.You need to take care of your health and you must be careful about it.After you ask this product to your doctor, you can use it easily.This product is suitable for anyone.

With small changes to your diet program, you are going to reach powerful dietary and you are going to get healthy lifestyle.

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How Is It Works?

After you start to use this product, you are going to learn how to your body metabolizes meals.We are always eating or drinking but what is happening in our body ?.Our body converts carbohydrates to the glucose.

If your glucose level increases, your pancreas set free a little insülin to your blood.If you have diabetes, your body aren’t going to work properly and your blood sugar is going to fluctuate continuously.

And if this system doesn’t work properly, these glucose are going to convert a fat immediately and you are going to get a weight fastly.If you use Low Carb High Fat Diabetes, you are going to keep a low level of carbohydrates and you are going to prevent a fat easily.

What Are You Going To Learn From This Product?

This product includes 500 pages and it helps to regulate your lifestyle easily and properly.

You are going to learn a lot of things from this product and let’s look at what are they ?.

-You are going to learn how to choose right goals for your meals

-You are going to learn how to rebalance your healthy body

-You are going to learn how to converts foods to glucose with digestive system

-You are going to learn how to plan your nutrients and how to get benefits from this plan

-You are going to learn how to organize this plan for your dreams

There are a lot of lessons and you are going to learn much more thing.You are going to win this battle but you need to be patient when you start this program.This program is guaranteed in 60-day and you can give it back in this time.


We are inspected Low Carb High Fat Diabetes Diet Review today and we tried to give a detail information about it.Diabetes very harmful and common illness for our the world and there are a lot of people suffering from this problem.Besides, this disorder causing a fat, too.You can use this program not only for diabetes but also lose a weight.You can trust this program and if you dislike it, you can give it back.Life is precious and health is a big factor of life.So, Don’t forget.

LCHFDD Download

Diabetes Type 2 Lifeguard Plan Review

Diabetes Type 2 Lifeguard Plan Review


This program created and designed by Arnold Giles who from Chicago.

What is the Diabetes Type 2 Lifeguard Plan?. Is it real or scam? Is it really cure ? We are going to inspect Diabetes Type 2 Lifeguard Pdf today and we are going to give an information about it.With this program and with easy and small steps, you can prevent diabetes type 2.This illness is very common in our world and we need to take a guard against it.

So, you should keep under control your type-2 diabetes immediately.This program uses natural cure and methods for remedy.

-Do you want to get rid of Diabetes type 2 and searching natural remedy?

-Do you worry about your health because of you can have a diabetes type 2 ?

So, think about it just a second.Don’t you want to get rid of this illness with natural methods?.This program is proven and it is very successful.It decreases blood sugar with natural methods and it helps for balancing your blood sugar.

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If you are suffering from this symptoms.

-If you feel a tired and pain on your fingers every day

-If you have an anxiety about your health in the future

-If you face or have  70/80% high-risk heart diseases

-If you feel shame about your weight or your meals.

-If you have a fear because of you are not going to lose your fat

-If you feel a symptoms about type 2 diabetes on your body.

If you have symptoms two of them.

Diabetes type 2 is very dangerous and very common disease in the world.Diabetes makes a big effect on your life but if you really want it, you can manage it and you can beat it.If you have a real goal, if you want to beat it, you can change your life and you can get a very healthy life.

Here  the surveys in America;

-According to research, 26 million people have diabetes type 2  in America

-More than 79 million people are pre-diabetic.

-Over the age of 65 people, diabetes type 2 ratio is %25.

-This illness increases the heart attack risk

-This illness causes of blindness, kidney failure or it affect nervous system disorders.


If  you don’t know any information about type 2 diabetes, let me explain.Your body produce a sugar and it is always balanced but if this system broke or if your body stops to insulin, you need to rebalance it.This is diabetes type 2 illness.Your blood sugar needs to be enough for your body.Not too much or not more less.Here the problems start.

We are eating unhealthy meals.Sugars, candies, white bread etc. and these meals damage our body regularly.When you are young, there is no problem but after years you are facing real problems in your life.In the beginning , maybe you don’t know anything about this illness and you didn’t take a guard.But today you can change your lifestyle and you can fight against it.When we eat our body works effectively and produces insulin enough.

So, think about it just a second.What if your body produces enough sugar and you are adding much more always?.In the end, your body system falls down and it doesn’t produce enough insulin.After, you becomes sick and it causes a diabetes type 2 and it catches you.

And much more sugar etc. damages you.You starting to get a fat and your body balances broke day by day.

You need to get rid of sugar.

-Don’t use a lot of sugar

-Burn your fat all around your body

And when you start this program, you aren’t going to face any drugs or etc.You are going to see a just natural cure and natural methods.

You can start today, right now.From today to nearly one month, you are going to get your dreams day-by-day.With simple and easy techniques, you can follow easily this program.


We are inspected Diabetes Type 2 Lifeguard Plan Pdf today.Our world producing inorganic meals and we are eating unhealthy meals every day.Our body’s equilibrium gets damaging day-by-day.So we need to take care of it.Diabetes type 2 is very common and dangerous illness.We need to take care of our health and diabetes serious enemy all of us.This guide is leading to us that how can we get rid of it.We need to take a guard.So we are providing to you a Diabates Type 2 Lifeguard Plan Pdf.This system was proven and you can use it safely.You can give it back in 60-day.Money back guarantee.So be healthy and take care of your health.Don’t forget.

Download PDF


what-is-metabolismIn our bodies, millions of chemical reactions account for the continuity and functioning of our body system. All of these responses are collectively known as ‘’Metabolism’’. The metabolic reactions taking place in the bodies of human beings are very important. These occur in the cells of the living and include processes such as digestion, respiration, etc.


Metabolism has two types. Both these are based on the types of reactions that occur. Every reaction does one of the two jobs:

Either the reaction is a breaking one or either it is a synthesizing one.

CATABOLISM: Or the breaking process.

In this process, the molecules are broken down for the purpose of obtaining energy to be used.

ANABOLISM: The building process.

In this type of metabolism, the molecules or compounds that are needed by the cells to carry out different functions are made or synthesized.


It is commonly heard and said that the energy one needs to do different work comes from the food. But the question arises, how? How does the food give us energy and what happens when we eat something inside us, which accounts for the release of energy. The nutrients in the food we eat are known essential for the maintenance and working of the body. If there’s no energy, physically nothing can be done.


As it is clear from the two types of metabolism, it plays a huge role in the balancing of the body. The building of the tissues and the storages of energy, and afterwards the breaking and release of energy both are the ways how metabolism helps in ‘’balancing’’.


People usually complain that they although do not consume much, but still tend to gain a lot of weight due to their slow metabolism. So from this, the query is, how are metabolism and weight related?

So those who gain weight and blame metabolism for it should know, that metabolism might not be the only reason for their increase in weight. One might have some diseases which can be why they are suffering. But, metabolism does play a vital role. For instance: if one takes in or consumes more energy than it is utilizing, then he or she is likely to gain weight. In simple words, exercise is the best example. If a person is eating more and not doing any exertion, the same happens.


Boosting your metabolism is extremely essential for a healthy lifestyle. As metabolism has a link with age too, i.e., your metabolism becomes slow with age. So it is important you know some ways to boost your metabolism.

Given below are some ways which can help you or any of your close one to boost their metabolism.

Eat as much as your body needs. Not less, not more. Do not stop exercising; the walk is very essential. Drink lots of water, Take in a lot of proteins as proteins are what make your muscles and if you want to stay physically fit, you need to maintain your metabolism so for that, consume foods which are rich in proteins.

Calcium deficiency is something which very common in woman, resulting in osteoporosis usually, i.e., weakening of bones. Calcium also slows down metabolism so drink milk to avoid such conditions.

Once your metabolism is all set, life would be easier.

What Is LTB4 Molecule?

ltb4-reviewHave you heard of the LTB4 molecule?  Don’t be surprised if you haven’t but it could be a revolutionary discovery on the way to preventing type two diabetes.  A lot of articles have been written on the molecule recently.  Let’s take a look at this molecule and why it is so important.


First, we need a little bit of backstory for those that join us who don’t know that much about weight related diseases.  As you start to gain weight your body becomes larger and larger.  Your body also stops processing insulin in an effective way.  This lack of insulin production leads to type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is when your body does not get enough insulin.  The lack of insulin or insulin resistance leads to issues with blood pressure along with a number of other serious side effects.  Those who have type 2 diabetes can find it really hard to lose the weight they need in order to start feeling better.

If you are looking for treatment for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, I strongly recommend that you read our article “big diabetes lie“.

What is it about LTB4 Molecule?

Scientists have long taken it for granted that obesity causes inflammation which causes type 2 diabetes.  It hasn’t been known why inflammation causes type 2 diabetes, though.  It has been a mystery.

LTB4 is an inflammatory molecule in the body that was recently discovered to trigger insulin resistance.  This resistance could be one of the main reasons that diabetes is caused in those that are overweight or inflamed.

You may be wondering how LTB4 is released.  When you have excess fat on your body it triggers the production of macrophages.  These macrophages, in turn, produce LBT4.  If that were the end of it, there probably wouldn’t be a problem.  The problem is that LBT4, in turn, produces more macrophages.  This creates a chain of LTB4 production that can go on unless stopped.

This continuous production is dangerous for those that suffer from diabetes because the number of LBT4 doesn’t just remain steady, it starts to grow.  Along with a higher LTB4 count comes a higher insulin resistance which leads to the diabetes getting worse.

What you can take from this is that diabetes will get worse and worse the longer that the LTB4 molecule is allowed to be produced.

Where is The Research?

Research into the link between LTB4 and type 2 diabetes is still ongoing.  Currently, the discoveries in regards to LTB4 have only been tested on mice.  In lab mice it was found that blocking LTB4 receptors helped to increase the sensitivity to insulin and as such their metabolic health went up.  The same results were found when lab mice were genetically engineered without the LTB4 receptors.

In any research, the first step is to test on animals so that no humans are harmed during the testing.  Mice are relatively similar to humans when it comes to how their bodies work.  In the not too far future we, the human race, should be able to start human testing with blocking the LTB4 molecule.

Significance of The Study

Not only is this study significant because we now know what we can do to help eliminate type 2 diabetes, it gives us more.  We are now better able to understand the cause of type 2 diabetes and why it is so hard to combat.

The start of any scientific endeavor is knowing the cause of the problem.  Without this, you don’t know where to start or how to start.

As a side note, it is important to remember that the LBT4 molecule blocker will work to stop the diabetes.  What it will not do is stop obesity.  Lab mice were still obese after the test.  What it does give the mice (and potentially people) is the ability to be healthier and start on the process of losing weight.

A better understanding of type two diabetes will help the world.  The ever growing problem with obesity has led to more and more patients with type two diabetes.  Now we can help give those who want to make the change, the chance.  Stay tuned because in the near future there may be that little helper you need to power up your health.  Let us know what you think of this science in the comments down below.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin Resistance


If you are thinking that this article is only for people who have diabetes, beware! Insulin resistance usually happens sometimes before being diabetic and your lifestyle greatly influences as you start you develop this problem. Worth it, that you’re aware of what it is, so you can prevent it in time. Let’s start by clarifying what is insulin? Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps glucose, which comes from food enter cells and gets energy from our body. In people with type 2 diabetes, there is a combination of problems. In people with type 2 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin, so a part of the glucose cannot enter cells. Glucose accumulates in the blood, causing high levels of blood glucose.

In some cases, the person may be producing more insulin than normal to convert glucose from food into energy. The pancreases are working more to produce more insulin because the body’s cells are resistant to the effects of insulin. That is, despite the presence of blood insulin, glucose cannot enter the body’s cells.

What generates the insulin resistance?

It not yet specified what causes this cell resistance, but seems to be related to certain risk factors such as;

  • Family history, that is, if your parents or siblings have diabetes
  • Obesity, especially when fat is stored in the abdomen
  • Inactive lifestyle

On the one hand, insulin resistance is a condition that can lead to Type 2 Diabetes (also called just diabetes being the most common). But, it is not only the cause of this disease, but it is also its main feature, that, unlike Type 1 Diabetes. Insulin resistance is associated with an increasingly common condition called Metabolic Syndrome, or Syndrome X. This syndrome is a combination of factor basically, and occurs if three or more of the following things exists:

  • Blood pressure of 130/85 mm / HG or more
  • Glucose (sugar) fasting 100 mg / dl or more
  • Diameter men’s waist: 40 inches or more
  • Diameter women’s waist: 35 inches or more
  • Good cholesterol (HDL) low in men less than 40 mg / dl
  • Good cholesterol (HDL) low in women: less than 50 mg / dl
  • High triglycerides, 150 mg / dl or higher

Scientists do not know exactly what causes this insulin resistance; it is believed that there are different defects in the entry process glucose into the cells mediated by insulin, causing insulin resistance. Drugs for treatment of type 2 diabetes focus on different areas of interaction of the cell and insulin to promote better control of blood glucose. Some drugs stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin. Others help the body use insulin better combating insulin resistance.

The problem is that insulin resistance has usually no symptoms, and often not detected until your blood sugar levels rise. So, if you think you have some of the risk factors mentioned, it is better to look into this matter. Insulin Resistance begins to cause cardiovascular problems before symptoms develop or diabetes is diagnosed.

We know that family inheritance is impossible, but to lose weight, reduce belly fat, exercise, and better eating habits, are highly effective strategies to prevent or reduce insulin resistance. And so reduce your risk of developing health problems in the future. Physical activity also helps the body to make better use insulin, reducing insulin resistance, so it is very important to exercise in the treatment of diabetes. Take good care of your body, as life comes only once, so worth it.

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