What Is Type 1 Diabetes

type 1 diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that many people have heard about, but few people fully understand the characteristics of this condition, as well as the difference between each of its three main types: gestational diabetes, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Surely, you are already familiar with many difficult terms that are often found in publications on diabetes: blood sugar level (glucose), insulin, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis – at first glance, it is easy to get confused, but when we understand the terms, you can it is better to navigate what is happening in the human body that has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes Regardless of who you are looking for information for – for yourself, your spouse or a loved one – it is important to understand the causes, symptoms and available types of diabetes treatment.
Our body is amazing. Every second there are many hidden processes. When it comes to diabetes, we focus on the levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood and on how the body copes with these levels in the bloodstream, how it manages to regulate them and keep them within the normal range.


When food is ingested, the food is broken down into glucose (blood sugar), which is then used by the body to regulate metabolism and produce energy. After that, glucose moves through the bloodstream to each cell. At this stage, the pancreas plays a vital role, and it is at this stage that you can understand whether you have type 1 diabetes, because the amount of glucose in the bloodstream is controlled by insulin produced by the pancreas. If the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, doctors diagnose type 1 diabetes.


As of 2016, the cure for type 1 diabetes has not yet been invented. Despite this, diabetes is a condition that can be monitored and treated, so that the majority of people with diabetes lead a healthy, successful and productive life.

Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong autoimmune disease, as a result of which insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed. Without enough insulin to control the situation, glucose will remain in the bloodstream, and its level will continue to grow. Therefore, type 1 diabetes requires regular administration of insulin in the form of injections or using an insulin pump. Insulin administration, diet changes and regular exercise can help maintain optimal blood sugar levels.


Every day, blood sugar levels in diabetic patients do not change at all like in other people. As a rule, changes in blood sugar levels are a response to eating or exercising. In healthy people, changes are regulated by insulin, which is produced in the body. If insulin is not produced, the diabetic is faced with the need to control insulin levels in the bloodstream. In order to keep track of what is happening in the body, a diabetic patient needs to constantly check their blood sugar levels with a glucometer. Ideally, blood sugar should be within 4–7 mmol / L (72–126 mg / dL) before a meal and about 5–9 mmol / L (90–162 mg / dL) 90 minutes after a meal. Blood glucose testing is an integral part of the daily regimen of a diabetic patient. In addition, it is important to understand your body and recognize its signals in time that the blood sugar level is raised or lowered – this will allow you to respond quickly to any situation.

A diabetic is at risk for hypoglycemic (low blood glucose) and hyperglycemic (high blood glucose) reactions. Below is information about how these states differ.

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This term is used to refer to a condition in which there is a drop in blood sugar below 4 mmol / L (72 mg / dL). Among the main reasons for which hypoglycemia can occur:

-Injecting too much insulin
-Skipping meals
-Consuming insufficient carbohydrates
-Excessive Exercise
-Unplanned Exercise
-Use of prohibited substances (eg Ecstasy or Cocaine)


This term is used to refer to a condition in which blood sugar levels reach values above 7 mmol / L (126 mg / dL). Among the main reasons for which hyperglycemia can occur:

-Injecting too little insulin
-Eating too much carbohydrates
-Exercise is less than planned.
-Alcohol consumption


If you or someone close to you is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you probably have a feeling of confusion, fear and uncertainty. The first thing you need to learn is that you are not alone. Type 1 diabetes accounts for 10% of all diabetes cases in adults in Russia, and with proper monitoring and support, this condition will not prevent you from achieving success in the most diverse areas of your life.

Type 1 diabetes can occur in any period of life, but since it is most often detected in childhood, its second, erroneous name is juvenile diabetes. Also, type 1 diabetes is identified with the concept of “insulin-dependent diabetes” (ED) because of the need to constantly inject insulin.

If type 1 diabetes occurs, it can manifest rather quickly, usually within a few days. After identifying the symptoms of type 1 diabetes and seeking medical help, the diagnosis is made based on the results of several studies, including:

-Blood glucose test
-Fasting blood test
-Urine analysis for glucose

What Is Diabetes?

what is diabetes

Welcome to a great article to answer the question of what is diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is a disease of the endocrine system in which the correct metabolism is disturbed due to the complete absence of insulin secretion (insulin-dependent diabetes type I), or a decrease in the sensitivity of cells to insulin and a decrease in its production (insulin-independent diabetes type II). Insulin is produced by the pancreas, located directly behind the stomach, between the spleen and duodenum. Its weight is 70-100 grams.


The beta cells that produce insulin are located in small groups all over the gland. These groups are called “islands of Langerhans.” The gland of a healthy adult consists of approximately 1 million islets, which weigh a total of 1-2 g. Along with beta cells, alpha cells are located on the “islands of Langerhans”. They are responsible for the production of the hormone glucagon, the action of which is the opposite of insulin. Pancreatic cells produce pancreatic juice that enters the duodenum and is involved in the digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Types Of Diabetes

1. Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (Type I Diabetes)

Developed in people with inability to produce insulin with specific beta cells of the pancreas. This type of diabetes most often occurs at an early age – in children, adolescents and young people. The cause of type I diabetes is not fully elucidated, but there is a strict connection with impaired function of the immune system, manifested by the presence of antibodies in the blood (the so-called “autoantibodies” directed against the patient’s own cells and tissues of the patient’s body) destroying the pancreatic beta cells.

The appearance of autoantibodies is associated with viral diseases. The role of hereditary factors cannot be excluded. Insulin is the most important hormone necessary for the absorption of blood sugar (glucose) by all cells of the body. Glucose is the main energy fuel of cells. Without glucose, the life of cells and tissues is greatly disturbed. In order for glucose to penetrate from the blood into the cells of the body and nourish them, insulin is needed. If insulin is not produced enough, then glucose accumulates in high concentrations in the blood (hyperglycemia), and does not enter the cells. Patients with type I diabetes require constant insulin injections.

Features of Type I Diabetes

Due to an increase in blood sugar (glucose) and an increase in the renal threshold (blood sugar above 10 mmol / l), glucose appears in the urine (glucosuria), there is excessive urination (polyuria) and an unquenchable thirst (polydipsia), leading to dehydration. The patient feels dry mouth (especially at night during sleep), can quickly lose weight (unlike patients with type II diabetes), often despite the constant feeling of hunger. May appear blurred vision (“white veil” before the eyes). There is also a slow cure of infectious diseases and wound healing, a decrease in body temperature below the average mark, the appearance of ketone bodies in the urine. It is important to remember that since autoantibodies appear in the blood of type I patients with diabetes, the risk of damage to other endocrine organs also increases. That is why the endocrinologist pays special attention to the function of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands, which can also be damaged in patients with type I diabetes.

2. Insulin-Independent Diabetes Mellitus (Type II Diabetes)

The most common type of diabetes, often inherited (familial form of diabetes). The first signs of it appear in people of mature age (after 40 years), almost always with increased body mass. This type of diabetes manifests itself in excessive, normal or slightly reduced insulin production by the pancreas and is not associated with a lack of insulin, as in Type I diabetes, but with the fact that the body’s cells are immune to insulin.

Insulin, which is present in sufficient concentration in the blood, is not able to manifest its main action and carry out the penetration of glucose from the blood into the tissues. There is a so-called “insulin-insensitivity” of cells to insulin. In this form of diabetes, glucose also cannot enter the cells and accumulates in excess in the blood, causing a symptom of hyperglycemia.

With type II diabetes, there is no need for constant insulin injections. Basically, enough diet, proper physical exertion and hypoglycemic drugs.

Features of type II diabetes

In patients with diabetes mellitus of the second type, hyperglycemia, obesity, hypertension (increase in blood pressure) are observed. These patients develop cardiovascular diseases (ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction), diabetic retinopathy (decreased vision), neuropathy (decreased sensitivity, dryness and peeling of the skin, pain and cramps in the extremities), nephropathy (urinary protein, disturbance kidney function).

3. Pregnancy Diabetes

This type of diabetes does not belong to either type I or type II, although closer to insulin-independent diabetes. Unrecognized in term diabetes of pregnancy, is fraught with complications, both in the mother and the fetus. That is why it is extremely important to early detection of this type of diabetes (measuring the concentration of glucose in the blood, glucose and ketone bodies in the urine at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy), as well as proper monitoring and management of such pregnant women.

It develops in about 4% of women in the 24-28 weeks of pregnancy and usually spontaneously passes after delivery. However, it is very important to control and correct the elevated blood glucose level in a timely manner to avoid complications in the mother and fetus. It is important to know that approximately 40% of women with diabetes of pregnancy after delivery continue to suffer from type II diabetes and need monitoring and hypoglycemic therapy.

The categories of high risk of developing diabetes pregnancy include pregnant women:

1-Over 25 years old with overweight;
2- 25 years and older;
3- Women whose first-generation relatives suffered from diabetes.

Features Of Pregnancy Diabetes

Pregnancy diabetes is the most common complication of pregnancy. The signs are close to those of type II diabetes.

On the mother’s side, this is manifested by an increase in blood pressure, kidney damage and pre-eclampsia leading to premature labor. It also increases the risk that the diabetes of pregnancy passes into the mother’s persistent life-long type II diabetes after delivery.

On the part of the fetus, there may be an increase in its intrauterine weight, incorrect positions of the fetus, increasing the risk of injury and death of the fetus during natural delivery. The need for cesarean delivery is increasing. Children are born with low blood glucose and blood calcium, as well as with increased red blood cell count (erythremia) and increased blood bilirubin. Newborns also suffer from respiratory problems due to.

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What is Common Between Different Types Of Diabetes?

High blood sugar syndrome (hyperglycemia), when glucose accumulates in the blood in an excess amount, but is not able to penetrate into the cells to maintain their normal functioning. In this case, the cell still struggles for its survival and begins to extract energy from other sources available to it, for example, fatty acids (subcutaneous fatty tissue). In the process of “burning” of fatty acids in the cell accumulate side toxic compounds for the body, the so-called ketone bodies.

Chronic complications. Over time, a prolonged and persistent increase in blood sugar (glucose) concentration leads to serious and irreversible chronic complications, such as kidney damage (diabetic nephropathy), retinal eyes (diabetic microangiopathy and retinopathy progressing to blindness), peripheral nervous system (diabetic neuropathy) , and also large blood vessels (diabetic macroangiopathy) and heart.

Starcise Preschool Fitness Licence Review

Starcise Preschool Fitness Licence Review

The STARcise Preschool Fitness Licence Review

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The STARcise Preschool Fitness Licence Pdf Review

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Yes , we are going to suggest to you a few sports material like balls , hurdles etc. for use in your classroom.We will tell and teach to you every detail about it.

-I Am a  Trainer About Different Training Section , Is It Problem ?

No , don’t worry.It is not problem.With Kids Active Fun Certified Kids Instructor Course  , you can learn after you can teach this program to kids.Just you need to upgrade your ability and do your job perfectly.

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The Mediterranean Diet Recipes Review

the mediterranean diet recipes


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the mediterranean diet recipes reviews

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#1 – Easy Shopping Guide

#2 – Mediterranean Diet Myths

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Let’s look what is these reasons ;

Actually, Coeliach diesease is within this reasons , too.

  • First , Vitamin Deficieny
  • Second , Traumatic Injury

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This program is designed and created for cure of nevre damage and pains as new method.This program directly helps to decrease all risks of death.Neuropathy recovery triggers your body natural process and it causes repair easily of your wounds.

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Are There Any Risk Of This Program ?

There are a lot of people using prescribed pain medication for get rid of this condition.Yes , you can manage your pain and this helps to decrease pain of this conditions without any other cure or medication.Let’s look what is the risk of medication ;

  • It can cause a heart attack
  • It can cause a Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • It can cause a bigger feasibility of bone fractures
  • It can cause a bigger feasibility of a drug overdose
  • It can cause a inadequacy to learn and maintain new information
  • It can cause a inadequacy to maintain focus
  • It can cause an impaired memory

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How This Program Works ?

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  • The Video Sessions and plus 10 Quick Action Recovery Guides
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  • The Video Sessions and plus 10 Quick Action Recovery Guides
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Pdf Download

Psoas Muscles are not ordinary muscles group.Beyond it, these muscles have a deep and direct connection with emotional and physical feelings in our body.Psoas muscles are affecting our feelings anytime so these muscles directly take under control our phycology and it is the really big situation for all of us.You feeling fears, anxiety anytime in your life and this feeling has a connection with Psoas Muscles.When these muscles are tight, it may cause a  worry within your life.If you are in the war, you are going to have two choices that fight or run but what happens that time in your body ?.This situation makes your Psoas muscles tighter.So this situation releasing adrenalin so much before it gives a harm to the immune system.So The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Pdf Program is designed for this type problems and brings healthy solutions.While you are facing this problem, you should improve your leg with muscles of the back.You should take care of  Psoas muscles for all of your life. And you must be patient within this duration.If psoas muscles are unlocked position, you may not get rid of them easily and fastly.

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1)Fix problem of your inequality muscles

We all have various life,  jobs, hobbies so we can’t talk about just one absolute answer to this problem.But, we know why this problem appearing for you and how can you get rid of it.Hip flexors can’t tighten anytime because of they are really powerful muscles.If your psoas muscles are tightened,  these situation happens because of the weakness of these muscles.Actually, if you really want to get rid of this problem, we are offering you Unlock Your Hip Flexor Pdf Program whose Rick KASEL’J and Mike WESTERDAL.They are trainers and experts about health and fitness.Mike Westerdal is also created Critical Bench Program 2.0 and that program is really effective for who want to get muscle mass.When your psoas muscles are tightened, this situation is going to cause a weakness for your body.So, you are going to feel discomfort, too.

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2) Unlock Your Hip Flexors Stretching

Stretching is important for hip flexors and this is a very successful and right method for solution.This strategy is very helpful for our body and we need it any time in our life.Let’s look at one example about Stretching;

1.At first, you should take a half-kneeling position and you need to start to stretch your back leg.

2.We need a piece of wood or just like that material for a hold on.Next, we need clinging to wood and we need to start of our back leg strain carefully and possibly.This strategic move is really important.It seems an easy move but it is really effective and healthy.

3.While we are in stretching,  our back leg and upper body have to be upright.Besides, we are going to need to rotate our pelvis.

4.So, we are going to go on to rotate our pelvis continuously and we must be careful with our upper body because of it must be like vertical anytime.After all of them, move forward twice.

5.You need to do this exercise eight or nine times every day.If you do this exercise regularly and if you take care of yourself,  you are going to see all effects of this technique.There is very important point is that whatever you do, must be attention against instructions.


  • 1 ) Question: Why We Should Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

This program is unique and beyond it, it is very effective.You must unlock your hip flexors and this problem may appear within your body any day.If you really want to get a healthy body and life, you must stretch psoas muscles properly and you are going to get rid of hip flexors forever.After you buy The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program,  you are going to get every trick about your body structure and about this program.

  • 2 ) Question: Why Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program is very cheap?

Rick KASEL’J and Mike WESTERDAL are interesting in health and fitness and they want to improve life quality of anyone.So, they are doing this job first this situation and money is the second situation for them.Creators want to reach a lot of people and teach this problem and solutions for healthy living.

  • 3 ) Question: If we do not have any free time in the day?

Actually, we want just 15 minutes from you for this program.And, we are believing that you have 15 minutes free time in the day.If you carefully follow all instructions all time, you are going to reach a success in the future and this is proven.Don’t worry.


We analyzed Unlock Your Hip Flexors Pdf and we tried to give a detail information about it.This program directly focuses a tighten hip flexors and it destroys all negative effects of this illness.This illness may appear to you because of a lot of different reason but first of all, you need to take a guard against it.Psoas muscles call a ‘muscles of soul ‘ and it is really important for our life.You are going to find a lot of solutions and real healthy methods.Life is precious and health is a major factor of life.Don’t forget.

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Review: The 21 Day Sugar Detox

21 day sugar detox

The 21 Day Sugar Detox

What is The 21-Day Sugar Detox Review?.Is it real or scam ?.Is it helpful or harmful ?.Let’s inspect it.This program is not consists of the basic system.But with easy methods that this program is going to help to get rid of from sugar and carb and it helps to find a balance of your body.

At first , we need to accept that sugar big enemy of our body.Within these days , obesity or another health problems appears because of sugar.Sugar affects blood balance and causes different problems.If you don’t care your meals, you may under dangerous.How can we stop sugar or how can we decrease it?.What is the best guard against sugar?.Here the solutions and you are going to find your real cure within this article.

You can buy 3 different packages of this program.




If you buy Premium package, you are going to get two printed books, Quick Start Guide, comprehensive program sets which for athletes, pregnants etc. , Daily Detox E-mail etc.We are going to give every information about this 3 packages next sections but you need to know this; If you buy this program you are not going to just focus one simple movement or diet in contrary to you are going to reach your goal step by step with different techniques.After you buy this program, you can access every details and information on this site, too.When you want to change your program, your resources, materials is not going to lose.Actually, everything is will be waiting for you.

Today, diabetes is increasing day by day. Check out the big diabetes lie article to get rid of this disease.


Working Moms&Families: We are all time busy and we are running every time.From morning to the evening we don’t find enough time, aren’t we?.This program consists of real solutions and realities.There are no magic or no trick for you.If you have a baby or if you are pregnant, this program is very suitable for you.

Athletes: Athletes are using medicine so much and they don’t need that.21DSD is going to refresh their body and it will make more healthy.With real food, if you are athletes, your body is going to get real fuel.

Craves Who Anyone: You are trying a lot of methods and you are bored.Actually, me, too.You need to focus your real idea.With 21-Day Sugar Detox Program Review, you are going to face real and delicious foods and it provides you healthy choices.


First of all is The 21-Day Sugar Detox Quick Start Guide Book.This book includes 80-page eBook and it shows you all techniques you need to know how to use and start for this program.You can think it reference for recipes and easy detox methods etc.

Second of all is Modification Guides.If you are pregnant or have a baby, modification guides are created for you.This guide is very special and designed just for your situation.

  • 21-Day Sugar Detox Audio Support Series: This series includes 15-20 minutes Mp3 recordings for 23 days.When you ready, you need to listen to this recordings from the first day to the last day.
  • Daily Detox Emails: After you sign up to this program, you are going to take e-mails .So this e-mail’s goal gives you motivation, daily support, and recipes for daily.
  • Community Forum &Support: When you sign up this program, you can meet other members and you can share your thinking and you can get experiences from others.
  • Full-Color Books: If you buy Plus&Premium packages you are going to gain The 21-Day Sugar Detox book and Cookbook.

You can choose 3 different package and here the packages and their specialty.


->Quick Start Guide

->Modification Guide

->Audio Support Series

->Daily Detox Emails

->Member Support Forum


->Quick Start Guide

->Modification Guide

->Audio Support  Series

->Daily Detox Emails

->Member Support  Forum

->And PLUS #The 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidebook


->Quick Start Guide

->Modification Guide

->Audio Support Series

->Daily DetoxEmails

->Member Support Forum

->And PLUS #  The 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidebook & The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook


-There is no Gizmo ! We are suggesting this program clearly and luculently.We are getting rid of tricky things.

-You needn’t drugs or pills anymore ! You shouldn’t stock your medicine anymore because of you needn’t them.Especially, we are saying to you fresh your body natural nutrients.

-The end for Diet Food ! When you stop eat, you are not going to lose your weight or you can get your body healthy again.This thinking is very wrong.You need to eat delicious food enjoy your time when you are in the diet.We are providing you.

You can start this program now.

-Buy this program

-Download and check all materials

-Get support from us immediately


  • Quick Start Guide
  • After the Detox Guide
  • Modification Guides

-If you are eating chocolate, sugar, pasta etc. all day

-If you thinking candy, sweets every time

-Do you want a carbohydrate all day or always eating like this type foods etc?

-If you feel crave of sugar

-If you waking up tiredly

-If you want to lose your fat etc.

Much more thing.This program is suitable for you.You can use it safely.


We inspected 21-Day Sugar Detox Review today and we tried to give detail informations abou it.With obesity or inorganic foods, our body becomes unhealthy and we are using or eating these foods.So we need to rebalance our body and we need to regain our health like a baby.How can we do it ?.A lot of methods are waiting you out there but which one is healthy or real ?.The 21-Day Sugar Detox Review is %100 real and trustful program and if you don’t like it, you can give it back.60-Day Money guaranteed for this program.You need to take care of yourself and you can start detox today, right now.Don’t Forget.


What is the Leg Exercises ?.Is these exercises really important for ourworkout program or our body ?.How should we do leg exercises ?.We are going totalk about importance of leg exercises. 

We are all want shaped body and we generally focuschest or abdominal region.Actually, I never care about our leg.But, why ?.Thereare a lot workout program or another book about fitness.Which one reallyfocuses leg exercises ?.


1 )You are going to build much more muscle mass if you do leg exercises effectively

Yes, you didn’t hear wrong.Your deadlifts are going to come back as muscle mass to you.Testosterone hormone is steroid hormone within your body and it produces naturally in the body.Testosterone helps to improve muscles and helps to get power for the body.It is really important for men.It has an important role for all of us.

If you do squat or deadlift workouts and if you are focusing big muscle groups after you do leg exercises, your testosterone level is going to rise effectively.After all of these, you are going to build strong muscles in a short time.

2 )You are going to burn much more calorie if you do leg exercises effectively

Do you really know that Gluteus Maximus muscle biggest muscle within your body?If you are working on big muscles, you are going to need more energy.So, you are going to burn or use more calories because of that.

3 )You never seems like a Chicken.

This is really important phrase because of think chicken’s body structure.This is really disgusting for men.

4 )Your big lifting power is going to improve with leg exercises

Believe or not ,you are getting big ratio power from your leg.You are lifting very big weights and you really need a power.If all power comes from your arm or chest , what happens ?.Without legs, you may not lift big weights.Like bench press , your legs are your gun.

If you have not enough condition, you cannot improve big liftings, too.

5 )You are going to decrease ratio of injury

If you forget sub-chassis workouts, you may face unwanted results.This is the critical situation for your health.You need to keep the balance of muscles within your body.If you have bad glute or deficiency of mobility that may cause a backache or injury of ACL.

What are The Options Of Sport?

Actually, I want to say that you need sport.Whatever you do or whatever you want for your body, it needs sport.

For getting rid of illnesses and shaping muscle body effectively, you need to do sport.There are a lot of different fitness programs or gyms.Which one is really good or not, you need to explore it.The main point is that your body needs to move.

There are a lot of are like chest, leg or arm etc.Eachone upgrades within themselves.So, you need to divide your programs, too.


We analyzed leg exercises today.Leg exercises arereally effective and necessary things.You really need to focus this exercise.Ifyou really want a success about fitness and if you really want a shaped body,you must focus.Leg exercises are critical for all of us.We need to care forit.Don’t forget.

Diabetes Treatment and Diabetes Disease Books

diabetes cure and the big diabetes lie

Diabets Treatment – 7 Steps to Health Book

So many people are suffering from diabetes in this world. Diabetes is the disease which can be caused by taking poor diet, lack of exercise and by eating more sugar food. There are numbers of ways to get treatment of diabetes, such as natural ways, home remedies or insulin injection treatment. Insulin medication is one of the best ways to treat diabetes. If you ignore this disease, then you will face more diseases like kidney disease, blindness, joint problems or some other and also it may because of death, So we should take the following big diabetes lie , diabetes treatment.

First of all, you should control your weight if you gain too much weight because overweight also causes of diabetes, For this doing exercise, yoga, and monitoring on diet and avoiding junk foods. We should control blood sugar level and it can be easily controlled by taking healthy diet, or the best way to control blood sugar level is taking insulin injection.

Stress and lack of sleep are also the cause of diabetes, and we need to sleep proper time because a lack of sleep give us stress and we need to take care of all these things. One other important thing is that drinking water help a lot to control blood sugar level, and it cleans our blood. Most of the childs are suffering from diabetes, and this is the cause of genetics or hormones problem.

How to Treat Diabetes?

As I discuss above that diabetes can be treated with many ways and now I will discuss below that how can we treat diabetes.

One of the important means to treat diabetes is taking healthy diet, by eating more proteins and we can make these proteins in nuts, lean meats, fish and other like these foods. It helps to control diabetes.
Regular exercises 40 minutes a day hep a lot to reduce sugar level in the body. This exercise will help a lot to lose weight and control blood sugar level.
It can be reduced by intake sugar and eating carbohydrate.
We need to drink much more water, healthy juice but avoid milk, alcohol, and other non-alcoholic beverages.
Taking insulin injection every day also help a lot to control blood sugar level and it is one of the most important ways to treat diabetes.

When you found any symptoms of diabetes, you should consult your doctor which will confirm that what type of diabetes you have and what treatment you need.

This is crucial to get treatment of diabetes and don’t ignore this disease if you have. I tried my best to share my knowledge with you, and I hope it might be helpful for you.