7 Steps To Health Review

7 steps to health review

7 steps to healt will provide a change how to do it. Welcome to my review of the results of my detailed research. You take a moment and imagine yourself living a diabetes-free life. You’d no longer have to live hooked on diabetes pills, constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels, injecting yourself with insulin, and you would save a lot of money that would be otherwise spent on these different medications. Living a life free from diabetes is no longer a far-fetched dream, the International Council for Truth in Medicine(ICTM) has come up with the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program which helps eradicate the disease in a few simple steps in your daily routine. Diabetes is no longer fatal; let’s have a look at how this has been made possible.

7 Steps To Health Program What is it?

The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program is a book that will help you get rid of diabetes in seven simple steps over a brief 30-day period. The book pushes the belief that there are natural ways to treat diabetes type 2 completely, and it disregards the use of insulin and other prescription drugs in controlling the same. It is a program created for people of all ages and gender in very simple terms that enable you to grasp diabetes better, including what causes it, how you can prevent it, and how to get cured of the disease. Through the book, you will get to learn how your daily choices on nutrition and other related lifestyle choices affect your overall health. Since its launch, the program has helped about 17,000 diabetes type2 patients from over 40 countries in the world to get rid of the disease.

what is the 7 steps to health

Who is the author of 7 Steps To Health?

This book is written by Dr. Max Sidorov with the help of intensified research from the International Council for Truth in Medicine(ICTM) in which Sidorov is the lead researcher. Members of ICTM are Dr. Shust, Dr. Valk, Dr. Meto, Dr. Sakorikova and Dr. Sidorov. Dr. Sidorov is a nutritionist and experienced researcher who specialises in diabetes and related issues of insulin and blood sugar. This great doctor and his ICTM team, apart from creating the genius 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program, are also famous for their crusade against diabetes drug manufacturers and pharmaceuticals all over the world. They have been known to claim that diabetes medication companies and their associates have hidden the truth of there being a natural remedy for diabetes, so as to continue to boost the diabetes drug manufacturing industry. These facts are yet to be fully supported, though.

This is how the “7 steps to health” work

How to feed in 7 steps to health


Dr. Sidorov guarantees that you can beat diabetes from your system provided you follow all the guidelines as specified in the book. These steps are broken down into the simple daily regimen that you follow over a period of 30 days. The leading cause of diabetes being an inflammation of the body system that causes resistance to insulin, causing blood sugar levels to increase, the book is in agreement that maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar in the body is the only sure way to beat diabetes. The program teaches you to distinguish between necessary and unnecessary calories and how you can maintain a healthy body weight. You also learn important details on how to eat a rich, balanced diet and the ways you can avoid a poor diet to keep your body’s immunity high. Overall, the program seeks to guide you into strengthening your immune system and boosting your body’s ph by eating right and exercising regularly.

How can you benefit from this program

There’s a lot you can gain from this program. When you’ve gone through the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie, you are almost sure to receive the following benefits:

· Useful tips that will help you better identify spices used every day in the kitchen that contribute to increasing your body’s glucose metabolism in twice its usual amount.

· How to be in a position to distinguish between healthy fats such as Omega 3 and 6 and the unhealthy ones such as saturated fats.

· Useful information on nutrition that has helped countries such a Norway to eradicate around 18,000 cases of type2 diabetes since the launch of this program.

· A list of appropriate foods that help to treat diabetes and its related complications better than the Metformin drug.

· Information that gives details on some commonly used sweeteners that have been known to shrink the thymus gland as well as enlarge the liver and kidneys.

· Bonus e-books including the Secrets of Antioxidants, Dangers of Microwave Radiation at Home, Amazing Health from Water, and the Miracle of Sleep.

Advantages of the “7 steps to health” program

· This program is based on purely natural means that have no side effects as opposed to the insulin and diabetes pills that clog the system and eventually damage your body’s vital organs.

· All the steps and health tips available in this book have been thoroughly researched and tested, and for that reason, you can be sure to trust that the program is viable and safe to try out.

· The book, besides the healing tips towards curing diabetes, also acts as a vital tool of encouragement, giving hope to a large number of diabetes patients all over the world.

· The book is quickly accessible as you can find it in digital format. Also, information in the book is put across in a straightforward and understandable manner, full of colored pictures and illustrations which make it very easy to read and understand.

· The book has a 60-day refund policy. What this means essentially is that, if you are dissatisfied with how the product works, then you are entitled to a refund. You can get your money back by just sending an email detailing your grievances to the author.

Disadvantages of the program

· This book dictates you to change your diet and lifestyle if you are to succeed at eliminating diabetes from your system. Eating plenty of meat and sugary food is discouraged in this program, and a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is encouraged. This change in your diet may set you back as you try to fight diabetes through this course.

· There are various conspiracy theories suggested by Dr. Sidorov and his ICTM colleagues concerning the deception behind diabetes drug manufacturing companies which are yet to be proven.

· Some opinions in the book such as those that discourage the consumption of coffee, meat, and alcohol are still debatable.

· The book isn’t widely accessible since it’s only available online; therefore, a good number of people with no internet connection aren’t able to access it.


This book is highly recommended for type1 diabetes patients, to help them find a natural way to contain the disease since it is harder to treat adequately, and those with type2 diabetes who seek a more permanent solution to eliminate diabetes from their system.

The course is relevant to people of all ages and gender. It is well detailed in a manner that is clear, simple to understand, and quite easy to implement which also makes it highly recommended for the eradication of diabetes.


Although the book offers many tips and health information to help you choose the right diet and make the most appropriate lifestyle choices regarding your health, what determines your success is how you use this information. Diabetes is no longer a death sentence. Thanks to the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie, you can get the book today, start following the simple steps and embark on your journey towards a life free from diabetes.

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